Thursday, March 14, 2013

Week 3

Dear Family,

Just gotta say, after seeing those pictures of Andy, I am not very happy that you decided to get a dog right before I left.  That is the cutest, most fun looking dog, and I am very much jealous.  All I have is Elder Young. I'm just teasing, Elder Young is amazing.  We are still getting along super well, singing Les Miserables and Disney music.  We always have a good time. 

It is crazy how fast things move here.  I am sure I've sad that a thousand times, but it is true.  One week you get here, and then in a blink you are halfway through the MTC.  Some of the older districts are leaving, which is sad to see them go.  But it is good.  Some have even starting getting their visas in time to head out straight for Brazil instead of being reassigned.  But I will be fine with whatever happens.  Honestly, I could see some benefits from teaching in English first, but it might be difficult, because I have yet to give a lesson in English.  All in Portuguese.  It is a beautiful language.

This week was pretty much like any week. Let me update you on Elder Wells from Wellsville, that huge ox.  At one point I was sincerely scared for my life because he was super mad at me.  At it was about something minor, too.  I was getting out of the shower, and he was trying to whip me with his towel, so I ran into my room and shut the door.  And then he wanted me to come out so he could show me his bruised ankle, but I was in the middle of changing, so I told him no.  He started banging on the door, and I thought it would fall down, because that kid is huge.  He is a sensitive guy.  So the next couple of days when he was still mad at me, I was a little afraid.  But then he forgot why he was mad, and then he came into my room and we did some puzzles that I found in a Narnia Hole in my room.

Elder Holland was in our classroom building, or so the rumor says.  I never saw him, but some of the sisters in our zone did.
Our branch presidency is super awesome.  President Hodges went on a mission to New Zealand, so he likes rugby.  Brother Brough always wears that frown that our family does that Jameson can't do, and he blinks incessantly.  Brother Bartholemew is like a leathery bald old man that jokes and laughs like a schoolboy.  And they just recently added a new counselor because we are adding 26 new missionaries to our zone on Wednesday.

I am still safe from breaking anything during basketball, but it is a dangerous game.  Totally worth it though.  Except when the lines are too long, I just step in and destroy in four-square.  Elder Young usually goes running.

Umm, what else.  I see Elder Howell a lot.  His Czech seems to be coming along pretty well.  He's a goofball.

I am running out of things to say.  Which is weird, because I already have a ton of stuff to write in my journals, but it i don't really know what to say to other people.  Especially when I am under a time limit.  But seriously, I write so much in my journals.  I have already filled one of my study journals in the 3 weeks that I have been here.  And then my personal journal is coming along well.  I had to go by some new ones from the bookstore.

We went to the temple today, which is always spectacular.  We get to go every P-day.  I love just being able to go there and empty my mind and feel the Spirit.  I have noticed that the main way that the Spirit speaks to me is through thoughts as I read the Book of Mormon, but when I am at the temple or smelling flowers outside or just sitting, it can be nice to just let your mind go blank and just feel what the Spirit wants you to feel.  The Spirit is super strong here, and I love it.
Sorry that I am not super inspirational.  Maybe you can read my journals at some point, but probably not.
Love you all!
Elder Jon Hendrik Vawdrey

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