Monday, September 8, 2014

Letter #76

So here's the beef.  Good week.  We are learning a lot.

Looking back on my mission it's super easy to see how much that I've grown.  This week me and my companion got a little frustrated with each other, simply because we're not perfect people.  Elder Souza is super great, and I'm doing my best, but sometimes people just don't understand one another, even when they are with each other all the time.  But, like I said, this was a good week.  Why?  Because we were able to maintain the channels of communication open.  Both of us, even with our differences, were able to talk things through without shutting down or getting super angry with one another.  In every moment when we felt like it was too much, we sat together for a minute and said a prayer and were able to keep the Spirit as our companion.  We are growing a lot.

Ellie asked me in her last letter about what I was thinking about pursuing as a career.  Before the mission I was thinking about being a doctor, but you know me, my dreams change a thousand times every ten seconds, so I no longer want to be a doctor.  My companion was studying environmental engineering, which sounded pretty cool to me, so I'm gonna research some more when I get back home.  He told me that environmental engineers in Brazil have the job of removing full-grown trees from one place and then planting them somewhere else, which seemed pretty intense to me.  Who knows, I've got time to choose.

We have been learning a lot these weeks because of some trials, but it's been for the better.  We learned more about the importance of Family History, getting referrals from members, and helping the missionaries be organized.  Boss mode.

Love you all a ton,

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