Monday, January 26, 2015

Letter #91

Dear Fam,

This week has gone really well.  Our baptism went well last week and Valdenice is firm in the faith!

This week went by really fast because we were dealing with transfers and traveled for the rest of the week.  Transfers was nuts, super taxing on the body and spirit, but we were able to get everything worked out.  After we got everything worked out we went first to Catanduva and then afterwards to Birigui, two cities that I'd never visited on the mish.  We went on a short exchange in Catanduva and then went on to give a training in Birigui with the zone leaders.  Pretty cool.  We had to catch a bus to come back to Ribeirão Preto midnight, and we slept on our way back today.  Life of adventures. 

We're gonna be traveling to a few other cities in the next few weeks, which should be pretty eventful.  Exciting stuff!

Much love, hope things are well,

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