Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Week #25

It's been good to hear from you and I hope that everything is going well.  From what I can tell it has been super busy and you all have a ton or stuff to do, So I hope you don't go crazy.  

We've been having a good time here.  We just got another companion, Elder Burnett, so we're currently rocking a quad-panionship.  It's pretty crazy since we only have one bedroom and bathroom, but we're doing alright.  Elder Buchanan and Elder Jolley are going to be travelling this week to work on housing for new missionaries, and Elder Burnett and I are going to stay here and work on the video.

I am super glad that Elder Burnett came, because we quickly found that we were basically twins.  We have very similar tastes and get along really well, so we'll have some fun for the rest of this transfer.  I'll send a picture at some point; he's a boss.

Because our quad-panionship has been designated as being office elders, we haven't been able to teach too much, but since there are four of us now we can kind of split up the office work and have half of us go out at a time.  Yesterday Elder Burnett and I went out to find a less-active family that had not been contacted for a while to see what the deal was.  When we went the family invited us in and we were able to eat dinner with them.  It was super good; the first time I've ever had smoked herring and grits.  They don't have grits out west, so I'll have to send some to you, because they're super good.  

I'm sorry that I don't have a ton to report, we've just been working on the video, making preparations for when Elder Burnett's equipment shows up.  He is a lot more involved in film than I am, so he sent home for his camera and some of his stuff and we're going to have some real fun.  When we finish the video, I'm sure that y'all will be able to watch it.

Love you so much,


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