Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Week #27

Dear Fam,

What the devil, I'm an Uncle!  With a capitol "U"!  I can already sense the imaginary, self-bestowed responsibilities descending upon me.  Being an uncle is the best!  Thanks for all the pictures of little baby Penny, she was super cute and looks just like Calvin.  And I can't wait for when her hair turns a fiery red.  Maybe Addie will give her a perm like she had when she was little.  We'll have a little Annie and Cal can be Daddy Warbucks.

So this week has been nnnuuts.  We were filming some more for this project that we were working on, which is pretty much taking up all of our time.  Elder Buchanan and Jolley moved into their own apartment, so it's just me and good old Elder Burnett living large.  We've had some struggles, since we both still have a ton to learn, but I know it's going to turn out for the best in the end.  

Like I said we did a lot of filming this week, including interviews, scene shooting, and the best one of all, filming a Joseph Smith Presentation in Fort Walton Beach.  Fort Walton Beach is like 3 hours from Tallahassee, so we traveled out there Saturday evening and attended their rehearsal.  It was boss, I got the shivers all over.  President Smith had really wanted us to film this performance since their were quite a few missionaries involved, but there was some issues because the performance was being done in the chapel and normally you're not allowed to film in a chapel.  We mentioned this to President before we traveled there, but he wasn't able to get it taken care of by the time we got there.  So there was a bit of a hubbub about whether or not we would be able to film anything.  President Smith ended up getting special permission from the area seventy, Elder Munns, allowing us to film the presentation.  

So we stayed that Saturday night and the next day we just attended church there and enjoyed the day with the Fort Walton elders.  We filmed at the end of the night and it turned out super good, but it was so late by the time we left that we didn't get back to Tallahassee until 12:30 pm.  So I'm a bit tired.  Earlier this week we also had to wake up at 5 am to go film some elders doing their morning routine, and then we filmed some sisters making breakfast and such.  It's a good thing that Elder Burnett knows a lot actual filming, because I guess my knowledge of it is more conceptual.  It's working out really well.

We also got to help out with a Family History Booth at the FSU game this weekend, which was really cool.  I think by the end of the day we had received about 30 nonmember referrals for missionaries to come back and talk with them.  Super legit.  

Well, I don't have too much more to tell you all.  Thanks for your letters and all the pictures of little baby Penny.  So Cute!  I'm so excited for you, Addie and Cal, you are going to be great parents.  That little fiery angel is going to be so spoiled.


Elder Jon Hendrik Vawdrey

Elder Vawdrey's new niece Penny

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