Friday, May 2, 2014

Week #57

Dearest Family,

Things have been going really well here.  We've been seeing a lot of changes happening in the lives of people that we are teaching.  Ana Paula set some goals with the branch president to quit smoking, Jánder is preparing to receive the priesthood, Jessiane has already made personal goals for when she is going to get married to Sandro and is really excited for her baptism.  

Probably some of my favorite visits this week were with another family that we are teaching, Jamil and Jacylayne.  When we started visiting there the a few weeks ago things were super tense in their marriage, always fighting, lacking a lot of peace.  But since we've been visiting, it seems like Jamil has been drinking a lot less and they are really searching to know if the gospel is true, trying to receive and answer.  I'm really excited for them, and it's great to see them bring to bear some of the questions and worries that they have.

Unfortunately for my companion, Jamil brought to "bare" a little bit more than any wanted to witness.  The other day we knocked on the door, and when nobody answered my companion took a peek through a crack in the garage door.  Apparently Jamil was standing in the door inside of the garage stark naked.  My companion quickly recoiled and must have been somewhat scarred because he didn't tell me about it later that night.  I guess that's what you get for being a peeping Tomé.

Love y'all, and I'm glad to hear that things are going well. Especially that story how Dad went and chewed that guy out at Twin Pines.  Awesome.


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