Monday, April 21, 2014

Week #56

Hello, parental and familial units,

Things have been going super well here in Franca.  This transfer is flying by really fast, and probably one of the strangest feelings possible is that this is potentially my second-to-last area in Brazil.  I'm probably going to finish up training my companion here in this area, and after that I'll only have 7 more months, probably in one more area.  It's so crazy!  Where has the time gone?!

So I've been profiting a lot from my Brazilian companion, concerning language development.  In the little planner that I carry around I started writing down words that I don't recognize and he teaches me what they mean later.  Looking back on my list most of the words I've written are absolutely useless when it comes to teaching lessons, and pretty much useless in general.  For example, I probably won't need to use the words tamborine, mare, or catheter in the near future, but these are among some of the words that I have written down.  But who knows, maybe knowing these words could be the determining factor in the salvation of some Brazilian, or maybe just save me from confusion and awkward situations.

Did you know that Brazilians don't have a word for awkward?  

We have had some really good success during these past few weeks.  Ana Paula is still struggling a bit with her cigarrette addiction, but she is doing a lot better.  I love that family so much, they are so great.  We have another family that we are working with, Jessiane and Kemily, who are doing really well, too.  They are setting some solid goals for baptism and firm activity in the church, and I love to watch them grow in the gospel.

I don't know if it seems weird to y'all that I don't write a ton about our lessons and spiritual experiences.  I don't know what it is, but it almost seems like the amazing things, all the miracles that happen during our visits with people, almost seem like the norm.  Why wouldn't somebody love and accept the message about Jesus Christ that we have to share with other people.  There will be plenty of time to talk about those experiences after the mission in the right setting.

Thanks for the letters and your support!



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