Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Week #54

Dear Fams,

I don't have a ton of time today, I'm in Ribeirão Preto again and I have to go with one of my companions to his therapy.  We're her in Ribeirão because my last companion was transferred and I am going to get a new one tomorrow.  My new companion is going to be brand new, and from what I understand he is going to be Brazilian. I am super excited.

The work going on in our area is boss.  We were able to really get firm with our investigators, and we have a few that are preparing to be baptized.  I will send a picture of every one of their baptisms as they come along.

I am really grateful for my last companion, Elder Woolstenhulme.  He is a great example of humility and Christ-like love.  We entitled the last transfer "Transfer of the Burro Moment".  A Burro Moment is when you simultaneously feel stupid and empowered because you learn a great truth about missionary work and then realize that people have been telling you all along.  I learned a lot, and I really appreciate that Elder Woolstenhulme never took advantage of my weaknesses.

Like I said, I'm super excited to get a brand new companion.  There's a special spirit about missionaries fresh out of the MTC; they have a fire that drives the work.  We are gonna go to work.

I love y'all super much, and hope things are going well with work and school and hobbies and all that jazz.  I know that y'all are always way busy.

Love you the most,
Elder Vawdrey

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