Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Letter #66



I'm a little bit stressed out.  So I was assigned to a leadership position in Araraquara, and I'm pretty freaking stressed out.  Give me a week to get used to things, and I'll be alright.

Last night we had a few meetings with the bishop and with the stake president, and when we came home we had to collect all the numbers from the missionaries in our zone.  Thankfully I have a really patient companion who helps me out a lot.  He got the numbers from the missionaries that I am taking care of and let me rest.  I went to pray for comfort and I got it.

I went into the other room to pray alone.  When I kneeled down I started to pray, and the only two words that I was able to get out were, "Heavenly Father".  Instantly a rush of comfort came over me and I was able to relax a bit.  I wasn't able to say anything for a few minutes, but I didn't even want to.  I just kneeled in silence for a little while and let Heavenly Father take away the stress.  It was a pleasant experience and gave me enough strength to help my companion finish organizing the numbers.

I'm still a little bit stressed, but your letters always help.  And a restful, studious P-day  is going to help too.  Y'all are fantastic, and I hope that you have a great week.


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