Friday, July 18, 2014

Letter #67

Hey, famalams,

So I'm not as stressed anymore!  Thanks for your patience with my last letter, but this week improved a lot.  So I was assigned to be a zone leader, which has a little bit more responsibility than my last position as trainer and district leader, but now that things are nice and organized, I am really enjoying.  I always tell my companion that my one true joy in life is teaching, and I'm starting to realize how great it is to not only teach investigators, but teach other missionaries as well.  It's awesome!

These past few weeks I've been focusing in a lot on memorizing scriptures.  If you don't usually memorize scriptures, start now!  There's power in reading a scripture that you already know word for word.  You get much deeper meaning from it.

We had a solid week this week.  We found a bunch of new investigators with potential, and within a couple of weeks we should be having a baptism.  I really miss the people in my last area because I was there for such a long time, but now I am beginning to love the people here as well.  The accent here is a bit different, but I think it's sick.  I'll probably start to pick it up.

My parasite is gone!  If I remember right, I think it was E.coli, but now I'm clean.  Thank heavens.

I felt the Spirit super strong this week because we were teaching a lot of great lessons about the Restoration and invited a lot of people to be baptized.  BAPTISM!

I know that I sound really excited.  It's because I am.  And I don't have a ton of time so I'm typing at lightning speed.

Love you all so much, thank you for your letters and pictures!  You're the best!



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