Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Letter #71

Dear Family,

I was having a little bit of trouble deciding if I should return a transfer early to go to school quickly or not, but I prayed and fasted and I am going to stay on the mission until January 19.  Just make sure that when I come back I can be super involved, because I don't want to cool off.  I want to keep working hard and stay focused on the future.

Oi, I need President Fenton's address and email.  Can you guys send it to me in my next email?

This last week was my companion's last week on the mission.  He left Friday morning, leaving me to chill with the other companionship for a few days.  My new companion, Elder Souza, arrived today, but we are going to continue in a trio because one elder from the other companionship left and the new missionary isn't going to arrive for another four weeks.  It's gonna be another four weeks of stress, because we're going to half to take care of the entire ward, which is a pretty huge area.  If it weren't for the strict organization and daily routines on a mission, things would be a lot more difficult.  But thankfully we have ways to organize our numbers, our investigators, and our time so that we can stay focused on what's most important.

I had a super special experience this week that helped me to grow in faith that God really is preparing His children to receive the Gospel.  We got a call from a member that said that there was a less-active lady that wanted to return to church.  We went there the same day and it was super boss what happened.  

Milanese, Adelita's husband, is not a member.  When we showed up, we introduced ourselves to him and he was super nice.  After sitting and talking for a little while, he basically told us that he wanted to be married in the church, wanted to be baptized, wanted to become a full member.  Boss-mode.  We taught him the Restoration this week and marked a date for August 23, Tanner's birthday.  It's gonna be sick!

Not only that, but he said that he already received an answer to his prayer.  Two days before he met us, he was telling his wife how much he felt that they were being selfish and needing to serve more.  He said, "We need to be more like Jesus, who washed the feet of his apostles."  That Sunday, when he came to church, every class talked about service and charity.  When he walked into the classroom for Gospel Principles, there was a painting on the wall of Christ washing the feet of his apostles.  When we opened up the manual, the topic was service, and the picture was of Christ washing the feet of his apostles.  It immediately caught his attention, and he is super prepared.

Love you guys so much, chillski.  See ya in a few months.

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