Monday, August 25, 2014

Letter #74

Why, hello...

Dear Family,

Things are going really well here.  We have been in a trio for the last three or four weeks, which has been pretty trying, but thankfully tomorrow the stress will end.  Well at least the stress relative to the lack of a companion.  We're gonna get an American that was serving in the US waiting for his visa.  We're gonna pick him up tomorrow, so tonight we are going to catch a bus to Ribeirão Preto.

It's good to hear from you and get the pictures of Penny.  I think 7/8 of the pictures I get are of Penny, which makes me a little jealous that she still doesn't even know who I am.  But it doesn't matter, I'm still gonna be her favorite Uncle Jack anyways.

This week we has some more opposition, simple because we have very little time in our own area.  We go on splits with another companionship at least once a week and we also have to travel to to baptismal interviews, which is pretty time consuming.

Want to here something cool?  The word for jungle/weeds in Portuguse is "mato", which means literally, "I kill".  We have a city in our zone that is called "Matão", which means "The Big Kill You", basically.  That's where we went to do interviews last week, and we are going back this week, too.

Yeah, I don't really have anything too special to tell you.  Everything about the mission is special, so I think when I come home and see the difference between missionary life and normal life it'll be easier to tell stories about things that have happened.  But my constant search is to do things that are unprecedented, not so that I can show off, but to be more like Jesus Christ, becuase that's exactly what he did.  There's a video that the church published a while back that is super cool, it's called "Because of Him".  You guys should look it up because it basically talks about that, how Christ did things that know what else did or could have done, even though we has a carpenter, teacher, and outcast.  Super cool.

Love you all,


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