Saturday, August 23, 2014

Letter #73

Dear Family,

We had a good week this week, but with some serious opposition.  Number-wise, the week didn't turn out as well as I had hoped, but there were a lot of good lessons learned.  

I did a baptismal interview this week that was super amazing.  The man didn't pass, but it was amazing to see how the Spirit was able to lead me to say what needed to be said to help him understand.  It's an experience that I'll never forget, and it will be interesting to watch when I get the chance :).

Like I said, we experienced some serious opposition this week.  We found a family of five to teach this week, taught them the Restoration, and marked a baptismal date with all of them.  When we went back two days later to follow up with them, we were met by the house owner, who said that she had sent them away with one day´s notice because she wanted the house for her son.  I sincerely believe that she sent the family away because she didn't want us to come back; she was pretty rude to us.  

Because of this and other experiences, I've been pondering quite a bit about opposition.  I know that opposition is necessary, and that it is part of God's plan so that we can learn and grow.  But because of the things we passed through, I really want to gain a deeper understanding of why we have to be tried and tested.  It's one thing to say and believe that we need to have opposition, but I really want to understand so that I can help others understand as well.

I'm hoping to have a restful P-day, because I'm needing it.

Tell Tanner "happy birthday" for me.

Love, Jack

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