Monday, June 3, 2013

Week #12

Hey, Family!

How is everything?  It is just barely starting to get really hot down here.  The gnats are coming out, and they are brutal.  There are some beautiful areas down here that I think I would consider living in, if it weren't for the gnats.  They are everywhere.

Other than that, everything is going SUPER awesome.  We had four investigators come to church on Sunday!  I couldn't stop smiling because we finally had some investigators dedicated enough to attend church.  Betty Gunter wasn't one of them because she has been having some medical issues lately, but we had Larry, Yvonne, Matthew, and Mariah all come.

Our companionship has begun to make some changes in how we approach things.  Ever since I have been here, Elder Lynch and I have mostly been focusing on one specific area, and have slowly  been moving south of town, which is the ghet-freaking-to.  We come across all sorts of different people, such as one guy that told me that he found the gold plates over in Thomasville.  He asked us for a one dollar donation and said that he would pay us back when he brought the plates to church.  Pretty legit.  

But like I said, we decided that we would like to try working in some of the more affluent areas, which are further north of town.  So far we have only spent one day contacting up there, but we have had some success.  Not like baptismal date success, but we are developing some friendships.  Most of the people that we will talk to are extremely friendly, but they just have no interest in changing at all.  But there was this one family that we talked with outside their home that brought us some water and talked with us for a while.  They are the Threlkelds, and Brother Threlkeld is actually the district attorney for this area.  Working with his family will be way different, but we have already started to develop a good relationship.

They invited us to attend their son's Eagle Scout Court of Honor yesterday, and we did.  It was at this huge United Methodist Church.  The pastor their must be making bank, because this church had probably four buildings, namely a chapel, a Sunday School (equipped with game room), preschool, and conference center.   I almost felt like a criminal skulking about this church campus, and was afraid that they had locked us out because of our missionary garb.  The elders and I were late, and there was only one door open that would admit us into the Court of Honor.  After walking around almost four times, we finally found the door and were able to watch.  Elder Lynch got to stand and recite the Scout Oath with them, since he is an  Eagle Scout.

The Threlkelds were really excited that we came, introduced us to some of their friends.  We met the sheriff, which was pretty awesome.  We have not had a lesson with them yet, since we only met them Saturday, but we are really excited and hoping to be able to work with them.  

Other than that, there isn't anything too spectacular going on.  Visas are slowly coming through, but I will go wherever!  I think that's all that I have to say, so I hope to hear from you all some more!

Elder Jon Hendrik Vawdrey

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