Monday, June 17, 2013

Week #15

Dearest Family,

It is getting super hot here, so I went and just got a super short haircut and loving it.  Thankfully a Great Clips just opened up by our apartment and Elder Lynch and I were able to go there, because as you know, I can be very particular about the way that my hair looks.  And the silk-shirted bald guy at the Walmart salon wasn't really cutting it for me.  The first haircut that I got here was from him, and was probably one of the worst that I've ever gotten, probably even worse than Dad could do.  But I've been saved.  The lady that cut mine today asked me who had cut it last, kind of like that lady in Mexico asked about the haircut Mom had given me.

I heard about Jake's skateboard competition in Arizona.  Is the family going to go down to Arizona together with him, or what's going to happen?

So, Poppy, I am sorry that I didn't wish you Father's day last week, but I'm sure that you're not too offended, since you normally tell us not to get you anything anyways.  But Mom is tricky and always finds something that you actually do want, you just don't say it.  During sacrament meeting I was having some tender moments thinking about Poppy and some of the great memories that I have with that guy, such as when I cut that skin tag out of his armpit and things like that.  It was a very spiritual sacrament meeting.  

Our sacrament meeting really was good though, because we had five investigators there this week, one of which was Yvonne who is scheduled to be baptized this Saturday and has been making a ton of progress.  She is a great lady, and has come a long way.  When she was younger she had trouble with some serious hard drug abuse, but was able to get out of it by using a spiritual 12 step program, I think similar to the one that the church puts out.  She is now attending school and hopes to become a religious counselor.  She is super sharp and we are excited for her.

Word of caution: if you ever have the chance to talk with people about some of the ordinances in the temple, it would probably be better to say proxy baptisms instead of baptisms for the dead.  There have been a lot of misunderstandings concerning that practice, and a lot of people around here think that we are physically baptizing dead people, as in corpses.  One of our investigators, Larry Johnson, freaked out on us, even though we explained it pretty clearly.  We are going back today to try to clear up some of that stuff.

We had another person tell us this week that he wasn't going to listen to our message because he has already met Jesus and that's enough for him.

No news on my visa as of yet, but one of my friends in my district who also came to the Florida Tallahassee Mission just got his.  We will see what happens; I am hoping that it comes within the next month or so.  

Well, goobers, I love to hear from you.  Addie has told me about their new home, and I am excited to see it.  I am sure that Addie will have a lot of fun decorating it, especially with painting.  Mom, your letters are always presh, and I appreciate your insight in things that most people pass by and don't bother paying attention to.  Wolfgang, if you would like me to send this to your email, let me know, and I hope that I'll get the chance to meet you at one point.  It sounds like all of you are having some great times, and I am so glad to be able to hear about them.

Elder Jon Hendrik Vawdrey

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