Monday, March 3, 2014

Week #48

Why hello, butterbuckets.  I have an update for you from this past week.

We had an exceptionally good week this week.  We taught more lessons in one week than we ever had before, and they weren't just lessons for the numbers, either.  They were dedicated  to real people and their real needs.  It was the best!  It's is really nice to see our numbers improving, but I don't want to get caught up in the numbers and forget the people, so I've adopted a new practice.  Every night, after we finalize our numbers, I take a few moments to myself and try to remember a little bit about every one of the lessons that we taught.  Not only are we putting people behind our goals but we're also putting them behind our results as well.  So far it has made a big difference, and I can feel my love growing for the people.

We have been working quite a bit with one less-active sister, Maria Selma, who really loves our messages.  It has been a super long time since she went to church, but she has a sincere desire to return.  The first time that we met with her she told us that she misses the feelings of peace that she felt when she was going to church.  She seems to be making a lot of progress in her understanding, and it seems to be passing on to her grandchildren as well.  Little Artur, Anna Julia and Eduardo said prayers with us the other day, which was super presh-sauce.  I think if we can bring her back into the church it is going to lead all of her family to return as well.

So, I've got some sad news.  Elder Rock was transferred this week.  We found out Friday night and he was super sad to be going.  He has been in this area for seven and a half months and has grown a real friendship with the people here.  I was sad to see him go as well.  We had a little farewall party at the church yesterday night, which was pretty boss.  That is one thing that I love about Brazil that would never happen in the States.  Everyone put together a last minute farewell for Elder Rock, brought cake and had short gratitude testimonies for the work that he has done.  It was super spiritual; the second time on my mission where I shed tears.  It was really good, and it helped Elder Rock to feel a lot better about leaving.

So my companion now is Elder A Woolestenhulme.  Couple things about him.  First, I would like you to notice that I didn't write A (period) Woolstenhulme, but rather A Woolestenhulme.  That is because it is not an initial, it is his name.  Second of all, that is going to be pretty hard for anyone to say here.  But he's pretty boss, he's from Idaho and has a little over a year of mission time.  I'm really excited to be his companion for this upcoming transfer.

It was good to hear from all of you, and I hope that you are having a fantastic week.  Keep up the good work; I can always feel your love when I read your letters.  


Elder Vawdrey

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