Monday, March 10, 2014

Week #50

Dear Family,

We had a boss week this week.  We were able to teach a lot of people and reach out to new people that really needed the gospel.  It's easy to see that the Lord's hand is in the work and he really does want us to be successful.  I think the greatest challenge is going to be becoming more humble every day and not getting lost in numbers.  But up until this point things seem to be going our way.

So we've been teaching this family lately and it seems to be going extremely well.  Jánder, the husband, is a less-active member that hasn't gone to church in a very long time, and Anna Paula, his wife, is loving the lessons that we are teaching.  They were a referral from Jánder's cousin who is a bishop in another ward not too far from here.  Plus, they have a super cute little son, Koão that is super funny.  Like I said, Anna Paula is loving our messages.  She reads everything that we leave with her and has been able to overcome some serious depression problems as a result of it.  I got really happy the other day when we passed her on the street and she introduced us to her mother like this:
"Mom, these are the missionaries.  They're sharing the gospel with people, just like Koão is going to do after he gets baptized."  She doesn't seem to have any doubts that she is going to be baptized.

Our only struggle with them seems to be some of Jánders apprehensions.  It's looking he is a bit hesitant to return to church so quickly, and today when we meet with them we're going to try and figure out why.  I'm super excited.

Thanks for your letters, and I love you all.



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