Monday, March 17, 2014

Week #51

Super dynamite week!  We are having a ton of success, and I am loving the work.

But first of all, got to throw out a story about a super tense situation that we had the other day.  So we had this family that heard the first message about the Restoration two weeks ago, and this week we went back to follow up with them.  Oh man, super tense.  We showed up and they had watched some anti-Mormon video on YouTube and were under the impression that we were straight up devil worshippers.  This day I was on an exchange with an elder that has one-transfer under his belt, and he was up and ready to just throw the gospel down the throat of these people.  I was able to calm him down enough that we could say a prayer, and then we started to answer some of their questions.  The greeny ardor of this elder was a sight to behold.  It seemed like things were starting to take a turn for the worse, becaus it was super hard for me to get a word in edge-wise, and my companion seemed to be becoming more and more angry.  It came to the point that I had to pull him out of the house for a minute while they went to get the video that they had watched.  I was able to calm him down and we went back in.  With a bit more patience and meekness we answered their questions.  Still don't want anything to do with us, but at least we increased their understanding.

So Jánder and Anna Paula quit drinking.  Our fast worked!  Anna Paula watched a baptism and it is pretty much certain that she is going to get baptized.  Super great!

I love you all and hope you are well!  Sorry my letter is a little bit short!

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