Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Week #49

Dear Fams,

We had a really good week this week.  Let me just preface the letter with that statement.  Things are going really well and I'm really happy with the growth that I'm making as a missionary.  

Probably the best part of the week happened yesterday.  Do y'all remember that story that I told you about that 12-year-old recent convert that hated my guts?  I was able to convince him that I don't suck so much.  He came to church yesterday and then he and his twin brother spent the day visiting some investigators with us.  I think probably the biggest reason why he doesn't hate me is because he didn't really have any other options when Elder Rock left.  But now we're developing a sincere friendship and I am beginning to notice how intelligent the two of them really are.  We had a lesson with them about the Restoration yesterday and they knew it all.  Super proud of them, and it just goes to show how good of a teacher Elder Rock was with them.  Pretty pumped about that.

Along with that, we also found some really good families to teach this week, which I am super stoked about.  And the three families with the greatest potential all have some sort of family member in the church, two of them being spouses.  It's going to be super legit!  Salvation!

I've been working on my teaching this week, because I realized that I have a lot to improve on still, but Elder Woolstenhulme and I are really developing together.  

Lots of little miracles everyday, so I don't really know which ones to tell you.  Every lesson that we have is a miracle, I love it.  I love it when people say that we make things clearer for them and that what we teach just makes sense.  Boss mode.

Something that I've noticed here in Brazil is that a lot of people have spiritual dreams.  I swear every other person that we teach tells us about a dream that they had about their future or about the gospel; it's actually pretty cool.  Sister Renata really opened up to us the other day and told us about a dream that she had.  That lesson with here seems to be the most focused that she has ever been in a discussion with the missionaries.  I think Mom would love Renata, if it were possible to overcome the language barrier.  
Well, that's my beef.  See ya.


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